Broccoli stay fresh for days longer when stored using expert's easy fix (2024)

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Maintaining the freshness and crispness of broccoli can be hard, but proper storage techniques can change that.

By Aditi Rane

With a plethora of health benefits, it’s easy to see why broccoli is a staple vegetable enjoyed by many.

However, maintaining the freshness and crispness of broccoli can be hard, especially without proper storage techniques.

Thankfully, Natasha Blythe, food hygiene expert at High Speed Training, has shared her expertise on prolonging the shelf life of broccoli with a series of insightful tips and tricks.

Starting off, Natasha said it is important to allow broccoli to "have room to breathe" in order to keep it fresh for longer.

"Broccoli, like many vegetables, benefits from adequate airflow," Natasha explains.

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Broccoli stay fresh for days longer when stored using expert's easy fix (3)

Natasha recommends using the fridge drawers for optimal results (Image: Getty)

"If your broccoli comes wrapped in plastic packaging, it's best to remove it and transfer the broccoli to a ventilated container."

Alternatively, Natasha suggests utilising a brown paper bag for storing broccoli, especially if it was purchased from a supermarket or greengrocer.

"Brown paper bags are excellent for containing broccoli in the fridge while still allowing it enough room to breathe," she advises.

By providing broccoli with proper ventilation, gardeners can help prolong its freshness and maintain its crisp texture.

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    When it comes to storing broccoli in the fridge, Natasha recommends using the drawers for optimal results.

    "As with most types of vegetables, you should store broccoli in the drawers in your fridge," she notes.

    Proper storage in the refrigerator helps regulate temperature and humidity, creating an environment that preserves broccoli's freshness and nutritional value.

    While broccoli can last up to a week when stored correctly, Natasha recommends consuming it within 3-5 days for the best flavour and texture.

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    Broccoli stay fresh for days longer when stored using expert's easy fix (2024)


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