Equestria Girls It's Showtime--Bear in the Big Blue House: Friends in Nature (2024)

They all went to the living room and they saw a greem lemur with a blue and white striped tail named Treelo on the couch jumping around. When he stopped he saw Bear and the Rainbooms coming in and he smiled.

"Hey Treelo! I like you to meet the Rainbooms. They are Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Sunset Shimmer." Bear introduced.

"Treelo happy to see Rainbooms!" Treelo said.

"Well were happy to see you Treelo. Though we never seen a green lemur with a blue and white striped tail before." Twilight admitted.

"Well that's Treelo for you." Bear said. "So anyways Treelo what did you call us in for?"

"Oh! Treelo wanna play a game! Wanna play?" Treelo asked.

"Sounds like he wants to play a game. Do you girls wanna play?" Bear asked.

"Sure! We love to play! So what do we have to do to play Treelo?" Pinkie said.

"Treelo make sounds and you guess what they are!" Treelo explained.

"Oh. Treelo's gonna make some different sounds and he wants us to guess what sound it is." Bear clarified.

"Ok. Go ahead. Let's play." Sunset said.

So the first sound he did was getting on his knees and started croaking and jumping all around. The girls and Bear all took some time trying to guess what it was. Then Fluttershy remembered what it was.

"Oh! He's a frog!!" Fluttershy answered.

"Yeah! He is a frog! Good job! Ok Treelo try doing another one." Bear said.

Treelo nodded and got ready to do another sound. This one he did was howling loud like a certain animal does at the moon. The girls and Bear all took some time trying to guess what it was. Then suddenly Rainbow had the answer this time.

"Oh I know! That's a wolf!" Rainbow replied.

"Yeah nice job Rainbow! That is a wolf. Go Treelo try doing one that's a little tougher." Bear suggested.

Treelo nodded and this sound he tried going was a little more difficult. For this one he acted a little crazy and spun around and around making noises and the girls were thinking but also a little scared seeing him act like that.

"Um is he acting like some crazy animal? I really don't know what animal acts all crazy like that! The only one I can think of is a Tasmanian Devil!" Applejack said.

Then Treelo stopped and gave Applejack a thumbs up saying that she was right.

"You were right Applejack! He was acting like a Tasmanian Devil. Though Treelo you might have scared them a little." Bear said.

"Oh. Sorry." Treelo apologized.

"It's ok. Can we end the game on one more sound that isn't a crazy animal?" Twilight said.

"Sure. All right Treelo make one more sound and don't make it too crazy." Bear said.

Treelo understood and the last sound he made was a roaring sound. Now lots of animals make roaring sounds but there was only one that Treelo was making. The girls and Bear all took some time trying to guess what it was. First they thought it was a tiger but it isn't. Then they thought that it was jaguar. But nope. Then suddenly Rarity realized what roar that animal made.

"Oh wait! Is it a lion?" Rarity asked.

Treelo nodded yes for she was right! It was a lion!!

"Yes! It is a lion! Wow Treelo. You made some great sounds and it was fun playing that game. I'm sure the girls will love playing that when they go to Camp Superior." Bear smiled.

"Yeah. We should definitely play that there! But we still don't know where we need to go to get to Camp Superior." Sunset said.

Then Treelo went to a table and grabbed a map for Sunset to look at. She opened it and saw that Camp Superior was only two blocks away from The Big Blue House. Sunset then smiled.

"Well. Look at that! Camp Superior is two blocks away from here! Thank you Treelo!" Sunset said.

He thanked her and then he headed off leaving Bear and the Rainbooms alone. Then Rarity realized something.

"You know Sunset. I actually made an arrangement to be at Camp Superior tomorrow. I wanted to make sure we get there on time before the crowd floods the campsite." Rarity told her.

"Well thanks for letting us know. But I think we should hang around the Big Blue House for today. After all I think that Bear and his friends and nice. And I think Fluttershy is enjoying it too." Sunset said.

"Oh I certainly am. I wonder what else we can do here?" Fluttershy wondered.

"Well you know what? I have another friend who likes to see you. Why don't we find my friend Shadow? Come on." Bear suggested.

The girls all nodded and went into the hall and prepared to find Shadow.

Equestria Girls It's Showtime--Bear in the Big Blue House: Friends in Nature (2024)


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