News – Hannah Conway (2024)

March 2024
100 VOICES//NHS is touring to UCLH, London 11-22 March with a special event on the 18th where I will be in conversation with Victoria Hulme.

March 2024
The Sound Voice Project is touring to Copenhagen Documentary Festival COP:DX

February 2024
Awarded first prize at the IMZ Avant Premiere Music and Media Market, Berlin for Sunny Side of the Doc pitching session and am a panelist for the FEDORA digital innovation event.

November 2023
100 VOICES // NHS is launched on it’s U.K. tour – BBC Radio 3 make a beautiful feature celebrating the immersive installation which platforms invisible voices of patients, staff and visitors from 12 hospitals across the U.K. interwoven with four newly commissioned arias (4 PORTRAITS – words by Hazel Gould) and digital vocal synthesised transitioned created by sound designer extraordinaire David Sheppard!

September 2023
Premiere of 4 PORTRAITS – new arias created after 5 months research and conversation in 12 hospitals across the U.K.

September 2023
Awarded a UCL Music Futures Grant to pilot This Room at UCL PEARL in collaboration with CHAMPIONS (UCL/De Montfort University) – exploring how different sonic environments affect audience’s emotive state and response to immersive sound installation This Room. Testing the piece on interdisciplinary professionals connected to temporary acommodation – in urban planning, housing, healthcare, homelessness sectors.

May 2023
Excited to release a new series of work This Room and FLY/WORK/GROW highlighting the devastating impact of temporary accommodation on the health and wellbeing of children in the UK. Click here to listen and read more.

April 2023
I present and create a programme about my work ‘Hear My Voice’ with producer Tom Alban; broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and recognised as Pick Of The Week in the Sunday Times and by BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the week. Click here to listen to the programme.

February 2023
The Sound Voice Project is awarded the European FEDORA Digital Prize!

November 2022
Awarded an Ivor Novello Academy Award – Sound Art category for The Sound Voice Project.
Beyond thrilled!

November 2022
I am nominated for an Ivor Novello Award in the Sound Art category!

September 2022
The Sound Voice Project is nominated for the European FEDORA Digital Prize!

August 2022
Humbled that Tom Seligman has made this beautiful podcast episode for Five Senses Music about me!

June 2022
Awarded the prestigious Alternate Realities Award for the most innovative non fiction work at Sheffield Doc Fest 2022!

May 2022
Nice article in The Guardian today promoting our concert on the 27th.

May 2022
The Sound Voice Project live concert tours to Kings Place, London. We perform live on BBC Radio 3 – In Tune and interviews on BBC Radio 4‘s Today Programme.

January 2022
The Sound Voice Project installation tours to Kings Place, London – with fantastic news coverage in The Sunday Times. Thanks to BBC Radio 3 Music Matters for a beautiful feature.

September 2021
BBC Breakfast Television feature Tanja – one of the chapters of The Sound Voice Project’s immersive sound installation.

September 2021
Sound Voice launches our first installation and live concert performances at Britten Pears Arts. The Sound Voice Project premieres at Festival Of New.

January 2021
The BBC Television cover Sound Voice and Paul’s Aria!

December 2020
We record ‘Paul’ on stage at the London Coliseum with Roddy Williams and Paul Jameson. BBC and journalist for The Observer Mag in attendance. Watch this space! #soundvoice #paul

November 2020
BBC Radio 3 Music Matters cover Sound Voice #Canyouhearmyvoice

September 2020
Launch of

September 2020
Key moderator for Connect for Creativity conference (British Council, ATOLYE in collaboration with ATOLYE and Abdullah Gul University in Turkey, Bios in Greece and Nova Iskra in Serbia. Creative Explorations: From Social Entities to Ubiquitous Systems: ‘How digital is changing the way we relate to each other’.

May 2020
Key Moderator for EU Creatives Unite conference: The first opportunity since COVID-19 for a direct dialogue of the Cultural and Creative Sectors with Commissioner Gabriel, the European Parliament and the Council.

January 2020
Awarded Arts Council England project grant and UCL Innovation and Enterprise funding for Sound Voice December 2019 Awarded UCL Culture funding for Sound Voice!

July/August 2019
Presenting again for Radio 3 at the BBC Proms

April 2019
Appointed as Artistic Director of Streetwise Opera!

March 2019
Dare To Dream – Premiere of newly commissioned work, a multimedia piece at the Albert Hall for 900 young people including performers in Bangladesh, Uganda and Syria.

February 2019
First performances of new work Tale of Two Dragons, for the BBC Singers at Milton Court Concert Hall, London

October 2018
Premiere and performances of my new work, Water in the Desert, Abu Dhabi NYU Theatre commissioned by the Ministry of Tolerance and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.

August 2018
Presenter for BBC Radio 3 at the BBC Proms
Prom 49: Agenda Gender
Prom 41: The story behind Vaughan Williams’s Dona Nobis Pacem
Prom 47: In conversation with composer Philip Venables

July 2018
Music Director and Composer for the English National Opera Youth residency summer programme

June 2018
R&D in Abu Dhabi to prepare Water In the Desert commissioned by the Ministry of Tolerance and Cranleigh International

January 2018
Preparing new opera commission for Abu Dhabi NYU theatre (for performance in October 2018)

December 2017
Invited to be key moderator for the European Commission at their European Cultural Forum 2017, Milan, Italy

December 2017
Premiere of new commission A Young Known Voice for the Academy of Ancient Music at the Barbican, December 20th 2017.

November 2017
Performance of Towards Another World, a promenade opera for the English National Opera at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

October 2017
Adjudicator for BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, London.

July 2017
Threads of the Past, a new work for the English National Opera Youth Company based on Verdi’s Freya Wyn-Jones (director), Ruth Paton (designer)

May 2017
We won the Education Middle East Performing Arts Award for our opera Beautiful World!

May 2017
The premiere of We Are The Light, a piece I wrote with teenagers and conservatoire students for the Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen. Such an affecting project about remembrance and family based on the Mozart Requiem, performed in the national remembrance day service. Very proud of this project and all the participants – a special one.

March 2017
A unique chance to create new music with audiences for Opera Forward Festival, Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam. Initiating wonderful collaborations with Syrian musicians, currently living as refugees in the Netherlands and in Germany (notably Aeham Ahmad), opera singers and student performers from conservatoires from all over the Netherlands.

February 2017
Great fun performing and presenting on stage at the Barbican, London UK performances of my new work for the Britten Sinfonia: Max The Brave. Based on award winning Ed Vere’s picture books.

February 2017
Opportunity to create an exciting new work for English National Opera Youth Company, based on Ryan Wigglesworth’s ‘Winter’s Tale’. Freya Wyn-Jones (director), Matt Sharp (cellist), Hannah Conway (composer/MD)

December 2016
National Theatre, Abu Dhabi – first performance of our newly devised youth opera, Beautiful World for royal family and Ministry of Culture. Karen Gillingham (director), Hannah Conway (composer/MD), Natasha Khamjani (choreographer), Ruth Paton (designer)

November 2016
Engaged as composer for research & development project for GIANT, a new tree opera for young performers commissioned by Arts and Gardens and Mahogony Opera. Performances in Alexandra Palace Park, London UK

June 2015
Delighted that excerpts from my opera The Freedom Game are to be performed at the Heads of State International Ceremony at Runnymede to mark 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta and at the Charter Fair.

May 2015
World premiere of The Freedom Game at the Royal Albert Hall. Conducted by Tim Murray, directed by Karen Gillingham, libretto by Sir Richard Stilgoe, composed by Hannah Conway

April 2015
Invited to be composer at this year’s LAB in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

February 2015
Back on stage to perform and present with the Britten Sinfonia, I Want My Hat Back concerts, returning after sell-out performances at the BBC Proms.

April 2014
Exciting news! Commissioned by Surrey Arts to compose a community opera to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta to be performed in the Royal Albert Hall in May 2015. The opera is for 1500 singers and an orchestra of 80 players and will be directed by Karen Gillingham and libretto by Richard Stilgoe.

February 2014
Embarked on an amazing trip to Mumbai and Bangalore in collaboration with Songbound and Joe Walters to work with children from slum communities and under-privileged communities in the city. We created a fantastical story based on a bird called the Dream Catcher – a bird who catches the dreams of children in Mumbai and puts them up into the sky. Incredible experience with kids, brilliant to work with such talented local choir leaders and a project I will never forget.

News – Hannah Conway (2024)


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