“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (2024)

Korean reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” is the latest in K-entertainment to catch the eye of viewers all over the world, with it recently becoming the first-ever Korean reality series to make Netflix’s global top 10!

In “Single’s Inferno,” 12 attractive singles travel to a remote island called “Inferno” in search for romance. Successful pairings are able to enjoy a night’s stay in “Paradise,” a lavish hotel where they can enjoy a luxurious date and reveal more personal details such as their ages and occupations.

With the recent conclusion of the series, many fans of “Single’s Inferno” are keen to learn about its cast members and their upcoming projects. Without further ado,get to know the 12 “Single’s Inferno” contestants!

Warning: minor spoilers for the show ahead.

1. Song Ji A

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (1)

Possibly the most talked-about “Single’s Inferno” star is Song Ji A, a 25-year-old beauty content creator and YouTuber who won the hearts of the cast members and viewers alike with her calm yet confident demeanor. According to her Instagram profile (@dear.zia), the Busan native graduated from Hanyang University in 2020, where she majored in traditional Korean dance.

Ji A first launched her YouTube channel FreeZia back in 2019, where she garnered a massive following through her look-books, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. In 2021, Ji A joined the reality series called “Follow Me” as one of its MCs alongside K-pop idols like Ha Sung Woon, PENTAGON‘s Kino, and Kwon Eun Bi! She also made a cameo on LOONAmemberChuu’s YouTube channel Chuu Can Do It, where the duo bonded over a luxury shopping trip.

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2. Kim Hyeon Joong

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (2)

The first contestant introduced on “Single’s Inferno,” Kim Hyeon Joong immediately captured the hearts of fans with his charming dimple and lean yet muscular build. In episode 2, the 28-year-old shared that he has been a personal trainer and occasional model for the past five years!


From the looks of his Instagram profile (@__1126.1), Hyeon Joong primarily models for sports and fashion brands. He also participated in Stray Kids‘“I’ll Be Your Man” performance on “Kingdom: Legendary War” in the first half of 2021 alongside would-be fellow “Singles Inferno” cast member Cha Hyun Seung!

3. An Yea Won

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (3)

Yea Won is a 27-year-old fitness enthusiast who charmed and befriended the entire “Single’s Inferno” cast with her positive energy, sociable personality, and of course, her adorable smile! Like Ji A, Yea Won also hails from Busan, which is where she gets her charming dialect. On the show, she shared that she is currently working as a personal trainer and pilates instructor.

As seen on her Instagram (@yeah.w__), this ball of sunshine also frequently models for fashion and athletic brands, where she shows off her flawless figure and endearing smile. She is also a huge fan of the beach and ocean and can be often seen partaking in sports like swimming and wave surfing.

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4. Choi Si Hun

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (4)

The baby-faced Si Hun shocked the cast and viewers alike when he revealed that he is 30 years of age. He works as a fashion model for several brands on top of running and taking charge of the creative direction for Seoul-based clothing brand Hoten!

Through his Instagram profile (@choi_hun2), Si Hun also revealed that he is a budding actor, having previously starred in web dramas such as “I Started Following Romance,” “Stand-By Curator,” “Cafe Kilimanjaro,” and “Romanced.” Many were shocked to find out about this, while others finally realized why they had found the “Single’s Inferno” star so familiar!

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5. Kang So Yeon

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (5)

Given how fit and athletic So Yeon is, fans were not surprised when the 34-year-old shared that she owns her very own boxing gym HitFit and occasionally judges boxing matches. She also runs a YouTube channel소연에반하다 (which translates to “Falling for So Yeon”), where she shares useful fitness tips and vlogs of herself trying out new sports.

A true jack of all trades, fans recently discovered that she had previously been a K-pop idol! She was part of the co-ed group WE, whichdebutedback in 2011, where she took the stage name Rosie. So Yeon went on to talk about it on Instagram (@kangsoyeon__), where she shared that while not many people knew her back then, she is grateful for the love she has gotten from “Single’s Inferno.”

6. Moon Se Hoon

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (6)

The 27-year-old Moon Se Hoon owns a restaurant in Gangnam, which comes as no surprise after he led the “Single’s Inferno” cast in cooking most of their meals. The young business owner also steps in as a chef at his restaurant Onlygo when his staff have off days!

Onlygo appears to serve a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine with dishes like sashimi, steak, and pasta. Several celebrities, such as Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee, have been spotted dining at Se Hoon’s restaurant! According to his Instagram posts (@moonofsh), he will also be venturing into a new fashion business called Studio Tedoh, which appears to focus on menswear.

7. Seong Min Ji

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (7)

The 24-year-old Seong Min Ji currently works as a freelance model, participating in shoots for several luxury makeup, skincare, and perfume brands. She is an identical twin, and her sister Seong Min Ju is a rising actress with an upcoming role in the Disney+ original drama “Kiss Sixth Sense”!

Not much is known about Min Ji, but she had previously shared her love for gaming and hip hop music while on “Single’s Inferno.” From the looks of her Instagram account (@im_min.vely), her hobbies appear to include traveling and cafe-hopping, at times with her adorable puppy in tow!

8. Oh Jin Taek

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (8)

From his appearance and fashion, many of the contestants had assumed that Jin Taek had grown up overseas. However, the 30-year-old’s unique styling comes from his occupation as CEO of a fashion business! Jin Taek has owned his very own tailor shop Ascottage, producing bespoke suits and men’s clothing, for the past eight years.

As seen on his Instagram account (@timelessbruno), he frequently models for Ascottage, effectively covering both the business and creative sides of his brand. He is also an ambassador for several popular brands such as Tom Ford and Biotherm Homme.

9. Shin Ji Yeon

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (9)

Being thefirst female contestant to be introduced on the show, 24-year-old Ji Yeon is the epitome of beauty and brains. To the surprise of many viewers, she revealed that she currently studies neuroscience at the University of Toronto in Canada! Ji Yeon shared that she was inspired to major in neuroscience because of her grandfather, who had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.


Fans were less surprised to find out that Ji Yeon had previously been a beauty pageant winner. She participated and won in the 2020 Miss Chunhyang Pageant, which celebrates traditional Korean beauty. Additionally, it seems that Ji Yeon will soon be embarking on a new journey as a YouTuber! She has now included a link to her brand new channel on her Instagram profile (@jiiiyeonie__) and just recently uploaded her first video.


10. Kim Jun Sik

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (10)

As he revealed on “Single’s Inferno,” the 28-year-old Jun Sik is the CEO of his very own health foods startup company KAMEE, which sells premium ginseng and collagen-infused honey. He also shared his love for cooking, often preparing extravagant meals for his friends as seen on his Instagram (@juncore_) Highlights.

Jun Sik appears to be close friends with a number of K-pop idols, having posted pictures with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and PENTAGON’s Hongseok on several occasions! Additionally, much like the other cast members, he also dabbles in some modeling for athletic wear, showing off his muscular and toned physique.

11. Kim Su Min

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (11)

24-year-old Kim Su Min is a model and rising actress under J&K Entertainment. As she is still early in her career, her credits largely comprise of small roles in short films and advertisem*nts. Most notably, she has starred in advertisem*nts for well-known brands such as Korean coffee chain Angel-in-us and Japanese beauty brand Shiseido.

Coincidentally, she also previously starred in a commercial for KFC alongside fellow “Single’s Inferno” cast mate Seong Min Ji’s twin sister Seong Min Ju! Little is known about Su Min as well, but her Instagram posts (@sumesume_) suggest that she also enjoys cafe-hopping as a hobby.

12. Cha Hyun Seung

“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (12)

Prior to his appearance on “Single’s Inferno,” the 31-year-old dancer gained considerable fame as one of Sunmi’s main backup dancers after the pair put on a steamy performanceduring a festival in 2018. Cha Hyun Seung has also danced for a number of notable K-pop groups including EXO, Stray Kids, and Girls’ Generation.

Hyun Seung runs his own YouTube channel, where he shares some of the behind-the-scenes action that goes down at K-pop performances and shoots! As seen on his Instagram account (@502bright), the dancer also doubles as a fashion model from time to time.

Which “Single’s Inferno” cast member surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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“Single’s Inferno”: Get To Know The Cast of Korea’s Hottest New Reality Show (2024)


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