Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (2024)

Welcome to the Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide. The long-awaited game is finally here with its exciting adventures and interesting storyline. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world game with a post-apocalyptic theme, bringing wonders and adventures to the players by introducing a unique theme for MMORPG lovers. In addition to splendid graphics, the Tower of Fantasy provides many exciting features, including weapons, characters, gear, a combat system, armor, food, and much more.

Key Highlights

  • Tower Of Fantasy is based on the MMORPG genre with an open world based on futuristic sci-fi themes and also has a storyline.
  • Tower Of Fantasy also lets their players do many customizations to their characters including presets made by other players.
  • Just like every other MMORPG game, Tower Of Fantasy’s combat system is smooth and looks sharp.
  • Tower Of Fantasy also has many weapons with their rarities, SSR being the highest and best, and are indicated with orange color.
  • There are in total 12 weapon categories in Tower Of Fantasy, ranging from Melee like Swords and Spears to Ranged ones like Guns and Bows.
  • Being an MMORPG, There is also a system of food and cooking. Foods generally will heal you and provide temporary buffs.
  • There are so many other things in Tower Of Fantasy like, PvP, Quests, Unlocking Dungeons, and using Jetpacks.
  • Equipment is a necessary part of the game as it boosts your Battle Power which lets you beat harder content and progress.

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If you are just about to start the game and want to know its basic mechanics, then stay with us as the Tower of Fantasy Beginners guide will cover each basic aspect of the game to provide you with the best knowledge about the in-game terminologies.

So, stay with us and enjoy the guide. If you want in-depth details of all the characters in Tower of Fantasy and their stats, then check out our Tower of Fantasy Tier List.

Learning Character Roles

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (1)

The first thing we will discuss in the Tower of Fantasy beginners guide will be the in-game characters, as they play the primary role in any game. In Tower of Fantasy, you are given the option at the beginning to customize your hero.You can choose a male or female character and design it according to your liking.

While choosing the character, the game offers you to customize the following things.

  • Presets
  • Hair
  • Body
  • Face
Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (2)

You can do your own experimenting to give your hero a final look. The strength of the character will be highlighted in terms ofBattle Power, which mostly depends on your character level. Your Battle Power increases when you upgrade your gear and craft more items for combats.

Tower of Fantasy also allows you to Pre-load your Custom Character. Below are the steps to Pre-load your character.

  1. After you get the Pre-set Look option on the game’s starting screen, it will take you to the character customization interface.
  2. Once you customize your character, choose the “Complete” option to save your changes and character appearance.
  3. After that, the game tutorial will start. Once the tutorial is over, the customization screen will appear, and a prompt will appear saying, “You have presets available. Import now?”.
  4. Choose OK to import your character preset.

Understanding Combat & Weapons

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Just like any MMORPG, the most important thing in Tower of Fantasy is the combat system, which surely requires weapons. The game features many kinds of weapons in the game that are categorized into different rarity levels, each performing a different role with varying features and abilities. When these weapons are fully charged, they offer an ultimate skill.

The Weapons in Tower of Fantasy can primarily categorize into three types.

  • SSR weapons are colored in orange.
  • R-grade weapons, which are colored in blue.
  • SR grade weapons, which are colored in purple.

Among the three weapon types, the SSR is the rarest category in the game with the most capabilities. The weapons are unlocked through progression in the game. Once you advance in the storyline, some weapons are obtained as a reward for completing a specific task or mission, while some weapons get unlocked and are available for purchase in the shop.

There are twelve weapon categories in Tower of Fantasy, each of which has its own characteristics. The selection of a weapon is totally dependent on the type of situation you are going to face. You are allowed to equip three weapons at a time before going on a mission.

You can also switch between the weapons at any time. It is recommended to select weapons of different elements to make the best combination. Here are the types of weapons available in Tower of Fantasy. If you are looking for some exciting open-world PS5 games, then check out our recommendations on Best PS5 Open World Games.

Types of Weapons

Role Of Food

In the next section of the Tower of Fantasy beginners guide,we will discuss the role of different foods in the game. Food is an important element in the game required by characters to level up and boost up with different effects.

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Different foods provide different capabilities, allowing your hero to unleash their overpowered abilities. The primary role of food is to Increase stamina, heal up the HP, build resistance, and increase the damage output by increasing strength. Basically, food is used to recover the hunger points of the player in the game.

Food and Hunger Points have a direct relation. For every 10% of HP you gain, you will utilize one hunger point, and with every 5 minutes passed in the game, your hunger point will increase by one point. The more Hunger Points you have, the more food you need to consume to fulfill it.

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PVP InTower Of Fantasy

Progressing through the Tower of Fantasy beginners guide, the next to understand is the PVP mode combats and its mechanics. The PVP combats are featured in three significant types, which are explained below.

Apex League

The Apex league is a fight that is held in a specific Arena. The battle’s difficulty depends on your level, which means you will face players of the same level and experience to make up a fair fight. The players fighting in the Apex League will be granted two lives, and the match will be over if one of the players loses all of their lives.

During the Apex league, your weapons and relics’ stats are raised to the highest level. But, the healing effect is reduced by 50%, and you do not have any use of matrices and advancements.


Duels are performed by making a team of two players on each side, and here you will require all the matrices, Armor, and advancements. When the match starts, a Duel Zone is marked, in which both of the teams have to stay within and encounter each other.

The match will continue until one team eliminates the other. When one player of a team gets down, a timer limit is initiated, and all the things have to be finished before the timer ends. The match is also ended if a player gets too far from the duel zone, and the victory is given to the rival team.

Break Fate

Break Fate is another mode offered in the PVP battles, and this one is a battle royale mode. Players can either play Solo or make a squad of three to fight other players.

In the mode, you are free to choose the area you wish to spawn at. Once you land in your area, you need to hunt down weapons, gear, equipment, and medics that will assist you and your teammates in the fights. The match will be ended when only one player or a squad is left, eliminating all the other players in the battle zone.

Daily, Weekly, And Seasonal Quests

In the next section of The Tower of Fantasy beginners guide, we will discuss the Quest system that is updated on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. You can take part in many quests during the storyline progression. The Daily quests are semi-categorized into semi-daily quests. Below are the details of the Quest System in the Tower of Fantasy.

Seasonal Quests

  • Seasonal quests are updated every season and come with new adventures and arenas to explore.
  • The Break Fate is featured as Seasonal Quest, discussed previously in the PVP modes.
  • Apex League is also featured in the Seasonal Quest and comes in the PVP mode category.

Weekly Quests

  • Weekly Quests are updated each week and come with different tasks. Completing the tasks will reward you with different items and equipment.
  • Weekly activities come with 900 different tasks from the content that rewards you with dark crystal, battle pass, and lockbox keys.
  • For the Dungeon quest, you can create a party to have assistance. You can also go SoloSolo if you are confident in your abilities and want to face the unpredictable challenges alone.

Daily And Semi-Daily Quests

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (5)
  • These Quests are a great way of earning rewards by doing basic tasks.
  • There are four daily quests available to complete. Each quest has a different level of difficulty that ranges fromC-typemissions toS-typetasks.
  • By accomplishing the daily mission, you are rewarded with in-game items such as Gold,EXP, Gacha tickets, and upgradeable equipment. The more difficulty level, the better reward you will receive.
  • Semi-Daily quests also offer you rewards by doing a specific task, such as defeating the monsters or exploring a landmark.

What Is Mimic?

Mimics are some in-game characters in Tower of Fantasy that possesses their own abilities, assisting your character in battles and explorations. These Mimics have a primary role in enhancing characters; owning them will significantly increase your assistance in battles and help you fight more efficiently.

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (6)

You can get these Mimics through the Summon method. The mimics come in two main categories: SR Mimic, which is typically Purple in color, and SSR Mimic, which is orange in color. The rarity of Mimic determines its capabilities. The rarer it is, the more powers it has.

If you get bored playing with your main character and want to spice things up, then you have the option to switch your main character to that Mimic. So, you have the choice to switch between a Mimic and your primary character. You can also change the outfits of your Mimic by visiting the Outfit section.

Why Equipment Is Important In Tower of Fantasy?

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Tower of Fantasy offers plenty of in-game items and equipment for the players to consume. This equipment help in upgrading your armory and weapons to assist you in battles and encounters. Your primary purpose should be to collect the best equipment in the game and use it to your advantage.

You can equip some protection equipment such as gloves, helmets, and shoes as they will increase your Battle Power.

The pieces of equipment in Tower of Fantasy are categorized into five different grades; White, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange. The White equipment is the least powerful with fewer capabilities, but easiest to farm, and Orange equipment is the best among all with the most capabilities, but it is hardest to get.

You can obtain equipment by completing the Dungeon Challenges. The more difficult the challenge is, the better rewards you will receive.

Understanding World Map Exploration

If you are an open-world enthusiast, then you are going to love the exploration mechanics in Tower of Fantasy. The game is based on an Open World Concept, where you get tons of adventurous spots and mysterious areas to venture into.

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (8)

You can explore different areas on the map and look for valuable items such as gold, chests, cooking material, etc. Other than that, you can also go monster hunting and farm valuable monsters in order to obtain useful materials from them as a loot reward. You also have the option to go for unique adventures such as climbing the highest mountain, looking for hidden photos, solving riddles, and much more.

The game also features Teleport Towers that enable you to teleport from one place to another. These towers are located at any spot on the map and can be used when active.

Some Important Things To Know

There are some important things and terminologies in Tower of Fantasy that you must be aware of in order to play the game efficiently. So, let’s discuss them all before concluding the Tower of Fantasy beginners guide.

Progress Main Story Quests

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (9)

The main Storyline of Tower of Fantasy is divided into two main chapters. Progressing through the main chapters allows you to access different Relics, such as Jetpack, as well as two SR characters as you progress through the game. So, make sure to focus on the main storyline, too, other than going for explorations and side quests.

Collect Black And Gold Nucleus

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (10)

Black Nucleus and Gold Nucleus are the two special in-game currencies that allow you to purchase different items and equipment. These currencies are obtainable by progressing through the main storyline and completing the treasure chest puzzles.

Farm The Dark Crystals

Dark Crystals are one of the premium in-game cash in Tower of Fantasy which is useful for buying exclusive items from the shop. You can obtain these crystals through certain activities and by doing special tasks. Do the following things in order to farm maximum Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Explore the Landmarks
  • Complete Side Quests
  • Clear Notebook missions
  • Level up the Battle Pass

Use Your Stamina To Access Dungeons

Tower of Fantasy features a stamina system that enables you to explore dungeons in the overworld. If you have enough Stamina in your bar, you can go for Dungeon challenges. Your Stamina regenerates with time and accumulates during Dungeon explorations. We recommend you to consume your stamina while playing the game as you cannot store the excess stamina once your bar is full.

Take Advantage Of The Shieldbreaker

While engaging in combat with enemies, make sure to use a Shieldbreaker if the opponents have a shield to block your attacks. The Shieldbreaker is used to destroy the opponent’s shield, making them vulnerable to attack.

The shields help your opponents to absorb your attacks and receive no damage, but once you have broken down the opponent’s guard, it is easier to rush on them and attack aggressively.

Make Use Of Jetpack

Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (11)

As a Tower of Fantasy Beginner, you can make use of Jetpack to your advantage to travel far distances. To activate your Jetpac, all you need to do is perform a dodge in the direction you wish to fly while in mid-air. Using the Jetpack rather than Gliding will make you reach faster to distant places.

Revive Teammates

The reviving options help you and your teammates get back into the fight if they fall down. In order to revive your teammates, you just have to go near the wounded member and interact to initiate reviving. The interact key is a quick method to do the reviving. Once your teammates are revived, they can get back into the battlefield and take revenge on the opponents.

Defeat World Bosses

World Bosses are sturdy monsters that spawn in specific locations on the world map. These opponents usually require a squad to encounter. Fighting them is worth a shot as they provide plenty of valuable rewards on defeat, including SSR gear.

Understanding Discharge Attacks

As a beginner in Tower of Fantasy, it is crucial to understand the concept of a Discharge attack. As mentioned earlier, a player can equip three weapons at a time, and while you are utilizing one, the other weapons will gain charge while you are attacking the enemies.

When the charge of other weapons is complete, you can switch your weapon and unleash a discharge attack. This automatic system is very useful against heavy bosses and sturdy monsters. So, make sure not to waste it and use it wisely.

Use Perfect Dodges To Freeze Time

If you execute a perfect dodge, the time will slow down, which will enable you to deal more amount of damage to the surrounding enemies. You can also use the Discharge attack during this time for maximum efficiency. We recommend you to use these features while you are in critical situations.

Relics Guide

Tower of Fantasy allows you to create 3 of the relics, which are available in the form of a Spacetime Rift, a Drone, and the Magnetic Storm. These relics are pretty beneficial for a player to assist during the fights, as you can activate them and use their capabilities during a hard encounter.

Daily Gifts

As a Tower of Fantasy beginner, you should be aware that the game features plenty of daily rewards and complimentary items to enhance your gaming experience. There is an arcade machine at the core of Cetus Island, and interacting with the machine over three times in a day can reward you with plenty of valuable items.

Another method to get free rewards in Tower of Fantasy is through NPC Hopkins. NPC Hopkins can be found in the black market, which offers you two mystery boxes, and you have to choose between the two.

Time-Sensitive Events And Items

The activity thing you perform after logging into the game is completing the accessible storyline. There is a time limit on how many storylines you can complete at a time. Once the time limit is complete, you need to wait for a few hours to start it again; this system is present in order to keep all the players at almost the same levels.

If your time limit is reached, you can perform other activities in the game and go for explorations in deep and mysterious areas of the game to gain additional bonuses and experience.

Reach level 18

On the first day, the maximum level you can accomplish is level 18, and any Exp gained after reaching the level will be of no use. So, we recommend that once you reach level 18, do not perform any missions or tasks as it will waste your additional Exp. Instead, you can do other tasks such as opening chests, preparing food, or upgrading your items.

This concludes our Tower of Fantasy Beginners guide. Now, after acknowledging the basic terms and mechanics of the game, we hope that you will advance through the game more efficiently while keeping all the above-mentioned tips and tricks in mind.

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Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started (2024)


Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started? ›

Tower of Fantasy begins on a relatively small island in the corner of the map called Astra, where you'll be operating out of the Astra shelter. The game will unlock new features and aspects over time, so don't fuss too much about exploring this island straight away.

Where do I start in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Tower of Fantasy begins on a relatively small island in the corner of the map called Astra, where you'll be operating out of the Astra shelter. The game will unlock new features and aspects over time, so don't fuss too much about exploring this island straight away.

What am I supposed to do in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Tower Of Fantasy: 8 Best Things To Do Daily
  1. 1 Crew Donations.
  2. 2 Bygone Phantasm. ...
  3. 3 Training Points. ...
  4. 4 Dimensional Trials. ...
  5. 5 Daily Bounty. ...
  6. 6 World Bosses. ...
  7. 7 Joint Operations. ...
  8. 8 Mia's Kitchen. Mia's Kitchen is a fairly simple daily task to do as players watch Mia cook them 3 plates of food. ...
Sep 12, 2022

How do you progress in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Tips and Tricks for Tower of Fantasy
  1. Tip #1: Choose your Gender and Character Customization Wisely.
  2. Tip #2: Do not Sit Idle and Explore the World.
  3. Tip #3: Fast-Forward to Unlock the Gacha System.
  4. Tip #4: Main Story is Main for A Reason.
  5. Tip #5: Complete Side Missions and Quests.
Aug 22, 2022

Is Tower of Fantasy good for solo players? ›

Tower of Fantasy can be played solo, but it becomes an even more grand adventure when you bring your friends along for the ride. Gather your crew to take on Tower of Fantasy's greatest challenges and to show off your characters and the gear and weapons you have acquired throughout your respective journeys.

Is Tower of Fantasy grindy? ›

Grinding-wise, story and some explorations are gonna be time-gated, this is to make sure you don't get burnt out from over-grinding. Battle pass-wise, you'll find it easy to complete all level of the battle pass IF you did your weeklies (Which isn't much of a grind tbh.).

How do you get strong fast in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Here are the best ways to increase CS in Tower Of Fantasy:
  1. Earn EXP to level up your character. ...
  2. Equip and upgrade SSR weapons. ...
  3. Apply Matrices to your weapons. ...
  4. Upgrade your Suppressors. ...
  5. Upgrade your armour and other gear.
Aug 19, 2022

What is the best character combination in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The best PvP combinations in Tower of Fantasy include Baiyuekui, Claudia, and Tsubasa as an entry-level team and Samir, Nemesis, and King for the best damage output and combat moves.

What is the best main weapon in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Weapons that evolve to be the best for winning Tower of Fantasy include King's Scythe of the Crow and the Dual EM Stars of Samir. Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Rosy Edge, and Molten Shield V2 are good choices too.

How do I start my character in Tower of Fantasy? ›

To get started, boot up Tower of Fantasy and head to the Presets button on the top-right side. This will take you to the character creator, where you can prepare your Wanderer for in-game play. If you create your character beforehand, he or she will appear exactly as you designed them after the tutorial.

How do you get to the menu in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Hold Alt, and you will be able to control the cursor. Just click the button, and you will get to the menu.

Can I start over in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Can you delete a character from Tower of Fantasy? Almost all MMORPGs nowadays make it relatively easy to delete accounts and characters, and you can even reset the progress from the menu itself in most of them. However, Tower of Fantasy doesn't let you delete characters or reset your progress.

How do you access the quest in Tower of Fantasy? ›

To start this quest, first, you have to go to 406,306 coordinates, and there you will find a letter of mystery, then you need to do the steps mentioned in the guide below. While following the steps to activate the quest, you will find a Mother and Daughter and you have to interact with Annie to start the quest.


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